“I have been curious about acupuncture for quite a while, but leary of the process. So glad I took the leap. I discovered that aches, pains, stress, digestive issues have all improved since I have begun having acupuncture treatments.

I experienced severe pain in my shoulders from random falls both on ice and concrete. I went to traditional physical therapy to no avail. Took pain medication for moderate relief. Used acupuncture treatments and have seen significant relief.

Similar issue with lower back pain, used acupuncture and an herbal from Katie and have seen complete relief for several months. This was pain endured for many years as a result of lower back disc surgery. I never thought this would happen.

I always leave relaxed, calm and looking forward to future treatments. Thank you, Katie.”

-L.R. age 71

“1) What were the conditions that brought you to seek care with Katie Robinette L.Ac? 1. sore hip and left arm 2. arthritis in right hand 3. herniated disk

2) What have your improvements been and how have they contributed to your quality of life?Arthritis pain decreased; herniated disks stayed in check; arm pain decreased

3) Would you feel comfortable referring friends or family members to Katie? Yes- I am a Katie fan as she cares and enjoys her job and practice of medicine AND more importantly-she listens to her patients. I enjoy the first minutes when she listens to what is going on in my life and my pain level.

4) What is your overall level of satisfaction with Katie? Very Satisfied- 100% If she doesn’t know something she will research your problem. Katie knew I had a short time in VA and has accomodated all of my appointments.”


“Katie has done acupuncture for me for acute sports injuries and anxiety. She’s excellent. I’ve been to a few different acupuncture places, but have chosen to stick with this one. She has excellent customer service, gives me herbal/tincture recommendations I can take home, and uses various methods (electroacupuncture, reiki, etc.) in combination during treatments.”

-Keiran B. (on Google+)

“Katie saved my day! She accommodated me with a same day appointment, helped alleviate my neck and back pain and I was amazed how relaxed my body felt! I will definitely return for stress relief as I had not felt that relaxed in months. Very kind and professional. Highly recommended.”

-Michelle H. (on Yelp)

“Katie was helping me with neck, shoulder and TMJ pain. Oh yeah, and my infertility issue. She was great! Every time I left her office I felt relaxed and with less pain. I would recommend her to anyone.”

-Andrea C. (on Yelp)

“I have had sciatic pain down both legs since the mid-80’s. I tried various chiropractic doctors, with some relieve for a short period of time. I went to a orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the spine. He told me nothing could be done until they have spinal transplants.

I originally visited Katie for the tendinitis in my thumbs. She suggest acupuncture for my sciatic problems. I have never tried acupuncture before so was very skeptical. But after the first treatment I no longer had the numbness in both legs, my legs felt more sturdy and no hip pain. It lasted for over two weeks. I started in September and it is now December. I no longer have the pain. It has been four weeks since my last treatment and I feel and move great. I highly suggest Katie’s highly skilled service. I wish I had found her years ago. Acupuncture is very relaxing. There is no discomfort during the treatment.”

-Lorita D (on Google+)

Infertility & IVF

“1) What were the conditions that brought you to seek care with Katie Robinette L.Ac.? I came to Katie for hormonal balance and adjunct efforts during fertility treatments.

2) What have your improvements been and how have they contributed to the quality of your life? Not only did I feel that her care improved my outcomes, but she also added ‘that extra something’ to keep me sane and calm during the treatments! My husband greatly appreciated that part!

3) Would you feel comfortable referring friends or family members
to Katie? I have referred people to Katie and will continue to do so

4) What is your overall level of satisfaction with Katie? She has a true talent in this field. She really listens to what you are saying and comes up with a plan that addresses all of your concerns.

May I use your story to encourage other patients? Of course!”

Dr. H Robertson

Digestive Problems

“1) What were the conditions that brought you to seek care with Katie Robinette LAc? fatigue, digestive problems

2) What have your improvements been and how have they contributed to your quality of life? Increase in energy, better digestion

3) Would you feel comfortable referring friends or family members to Katie?Absolutely!

4) What is your overall level of satisfaction with Katie? Very satisfied. She was a pleasure to work with. Not only did her treatments help improve my health, but I really enjoyed each visit. I would leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvinated.”

-L.B. Alexandria, VA

Anxiety and Depression

“1) What were the conditions that brought you to seek care with Katie Robinette LAc.?

I went to see Katie seeking help with my ongoing problems with anxiety and depression following some traumatic events in my life. I was having trouble sleeping and pain in my body and joints.
2) What have your improvements been and how have they contributed to the quality of your life?
Acupuncture gave me immense feelings of relaxation and ease, as well as improving my energy levels and my mood in general. It was helpful in ways that no other traditional treatment I have sought has been. It’s really a wonderful, natural way to take care of yourself and your overall well-being.
3) Would you feel comfortable referring friends or family members to Katie?
I would absolutely recommend Katie to others — she is very gentle, knowledgeable, and has a calming energy about her.

4) What is your overall level of satisfaction with Katie?
Katie is wonderful!”

-Laura, Chicago, IL

Chronic Illness

“I began acupuncture with Katie about two years ago. From my first session I knew she was something special. I came to see Katie because I was feeling very tired and having trouble keeping focused, as well as still recovering from pneumonia from 4 months earlier! Immediately I could breathe better, I had more energy and could think. I feel all around better with Katie’s acupuncture treatments. I have been using acupuncture for 20 years, and I rank Katie at the top of the practitioners I have seen.

I have recommended my family, my friends, and people I meet in the Healthway store and Whole Foods. I always carry a supply of Katie’s cards because people seem to come up to me and ask me to recommend a good acupuncturist. I love to tell people about Katie. She has a wonderful bedside manner and she knows what she is doing, what more could one ask for!”

-Anne H. 6/1/11

“I started acupuncture with Katie several years ago in the Washington DC area and have continued seeing her when I travel to Denver on business/pleasure every few months. Katie has been an integral part of my continuing recovery from Chronic Lyme Disease. The multiple symptoms of joint and muscle pain, fatique, insomnia and depleted immune system have all been addressed very successfully by Katie’s tailored treatment to these specific issues. She has used her vast and latest knowledge as a practitioner to help me heal. Due to my busy and fragmented schedule Katie has been very accommodating with setting up appointments for me. There have been days I would experience such severe pain she would find a way to fit me in. What I so appreciate about her is the ability to incorporate various modalities of treatment other than acupuncture such as qua sha, cupping or herbs which gave me tremendous relief. No question goes unanswered, Katie will seek out what you need to know. With my background in conventional and complimentary medicine I expect the best possible quality of treatment and that is what Katie has provided for me. I appreciate her kind, calm and confident demeanor and balanced approach to treatment. I feel I’m in the hands of a practitioner with integrity and compassion for her patients.”

-Rene S. (on Google+)

“Ms. Katie has helped me deal with the problems associated with chronic Lyme’s Disease (only recently diagnosed). She has really helped me with the associated sleep, pain, and digestion issues, as well as the tinnitus. She has also greatly helped my wife with menopausal symptoms. Very dedicated and professional, always has good suggestions]. I highly recommend her.”

-Lloyd M. (on Google+)



“Katie is fantastic!  She really knows what she’s doing, and she has a calm demeanor that puts people at ease.  I have been going to her recently for fatigue.  Her ministrations have been very helpful, and I have fully-recovered from my exhaustion.  Years ago, after trying every medication available (you should have seen my medicine cabinet), she helped get rid of my migraines.  I was desperate to try anything at that point, and acupuncture was the only treatment that helped.  After a few months of treatment (and this was more than a year ago), I don’t even get migraines anymore.  I highly recommend acupuncture, and Katie as well.”

-Liz H. (on Yelp)


More Testimonials


“Katie is amazing and a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend her for alternative medicine. She has helped me a lot and we also put together a plan with some herbal medicne that has worked wonderfully! I highly recommend Robinette Acupuncture!!”

-Bethany N (on Google+)

“I was new to acupuncture and herbal medicines and I loved that Katie took the time to explain the entire process and the theory behind the treatments to me. She is incredibly personable and her office is clean, professional and spa-like!”

-Megan L. (on Yelp)

“Katie Robinette is so good at what she does!  Being an acupuncturist and a bodyworker/energyworker too I am extremely picky – and Katie is great.  After just a few treatments and herbs my energy levels increased and I felt sooo much better.  I highly recommend her : )”

-Reece L (on Yelp)


“Katie was fantastic.  Walked me through the process as I’m new to Eastern medicine.  I look forward to returning and reducing my pain.”

-Nikki B (on Yelp)


“I have been a patient of Katie’s since many months now and cannot rave enough about her skills as an acupuncturist, herbalist and warm-hearted healer par excellence! Besides her in-depth knowledge of the ancient art of acupuncture (always keeping herself up to date when it comes to the newest scientific findings), I have not found a herbalist of her quality in my many years in Washington, D.C.

I have experienced several really good, lovely acupuncturists in this area, but didn’t have much success with finding the right herbs to support the treatments and Katie pointed me towards the right ones straight away and has been adjusting them ever since according to changing needs.  This, in turn, made the healing effects of the acupuncture last much longer in between treatments.

Her acupuncture yields such consistently great results every single time that even my husband, who had tried acupuncture before yet sometimes felt no difference whatsoever, is now an enthusiastic convert and looks years younger again.  All the daily work stress of D.C doesn’t even have a chance of building up in his system as it regularly gets released and his vital energy reset to flow optimally.

I myself am treated for a chronic, complicated illness by Katie and feel like newborn after each treatment, my symptoms so much alleviated that I only wish I had Katie’s excellent care around me every single day:)

Other than being the obviously super acupuncturist and herbalist, Katie is also extremely well-versed in nutrition, Qi-Gong and spiritually wise beyond her years. Don’t be fooled by her young looks, Katie is an old soul and spiritually advanced and I have yet to meet anyone her age with that level of grounded maturity.

Her calm presence is very soothing to be around and Katie possesses a natural sense of quiet authority and resting in her Being while walking the walk, showing an excellent example when it comes to taking good care of oneself nutritionally, exercise-wise, meditating regularly, and establishing as well as maintaining integral balance.

I have learned a lot from Katie and very much value having her in my life and cannot recommend her skills, professionalism, in-depth knowledge and presence highly enough.

If you are stressed or suffer from any kind of ailment and are in need of some support, look no further, a tailor made program towards establishing maximum well- being centered around acupuncture and herbs is awaiting you at a price that is affordable for this area.
Katie has a good, pure heart and has been a real blessing in our lives!
Many thanks and best wishes for continuing success!”

-Maren S (on Yelp)

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