Dietary Guidelines for Blood Deficiency

Ample, nutrient rich blood gives us a fresh, youthful glow. Rosy cheeks, red lips, shiny hair, and supple muscles are all due to healthy blood in TCM. Likewise, signs of blood deficiency include paleness, dryness, thinning hair, anemia, nervousness, headaches, trouble falling asleep, and light periods. This can be due to lack of nutrients in the diet, Spleen qi deficiency hindering nutrient extraction from food, or from blood loss. People with blood deficiency are advised to follow the Spleen qi deficiency diet as well as the following guidelines.

Foods that Nourish the Blood

Red/purple/black foods: berries, beets, black sesame seeds, grapes/raisins, prunes, dark chocolate, black beans

Foods high in iron: spinach, lentils, watercress, liver, beef, pistachios

Foods high in folate and other B-vitamins: rice, legumes, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, chicken, avocado

Foods to Avoid

stimulants (coffee, cannabis)

hot peppers

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