Why Choose Robinette Acupuncture?

Thinking business woman looking up on many questions mark isolatOur beautiful city has an abundance of health care providers.  Why should you choose Katie Robinette LAc as your Denver acupuncturist?

I listen, I care, and I have faith in your body’s ability to heal. Acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, and body work are tools to help your body heal itself, naturally.

I believe that Chinese medicine is the best medicine available to recognize, assess, and treat all four body levels simultaneously: Structural, Biochemical, Energetic, Spiritual.  “Functional” and “integrative” medicine seem exciting and new in western medicine, but Chinese medicine has always worked to optimize the functioning of the body, and to integrate all systems into a thriving whole being.

In order to do this effectively, we need time to talk.  Unlike many other acupuncture settings, I allow plenty of one-on-one time.  Our first visit together is 90 minutes.  This allows 20-30 minutes to discuss your health history, what issues you are currently dealing with not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Chinese medicine provides a framework to synthesize this information to create a holistic picture of your current state of health, and also the path towards improved health and wellbeing.

IMG_3741After years of working with people, I’m able to gain very useful information through my hands and intuition.  For people coming in for pain relief, I will incorporate body work not only in the area of pain, but along the whole muscle pathway.  For example, many times low back pain is the main symptom, but the calves, hip muscles, and mid-back are also tight.  For best results, we need to work on this entire pathway.

When treating someone for an internal issue such as digestion problems, I may also do hands on body work along the related acupuncture channels, and I might add in reiki or energy work.  Energy work helps to address the emotional body, which is often involved in chronic issues.  For example, IBS is usually worst with stress, so releasing the pent up stress that is stored in the belly is essential for making real improvements in your health.

What is a typical treatment like? Read about it here