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About Acupuncture

Why Classical Chinese Medicine is Relevant Today True Nature Podcast

New CT Scans Reveal Acupuncture Points from Health CMi

The Science of Qi

Evidence Based Acupuncture for scientific information on acupuncture and what it’s been shown to effectively treat

Acupuncture: Why it Works by Dr. Mercola

Everyday Acupuncture Podcast

AcuTalks videos

About Chinese Herbs

Herb Drug Interactions 

Why Seek Help from a Health Care Practitioner

Meditation Can Hold Feelings, But Only Other People Heal Our Pain from the HuffPost Blog


Clean Eats Cookbook by Jenny Nelson (Some of my favorite recipes!)

27 Healthy and Portable Mason Jar Meals from Greatist

100 Paleo Breakfast Ideas from Empowered Sustenance

Clear Change Program Recipes from Metagenics

Healthy Snacks from

Meal Plans

Whole 30 Week 1 Meal Plan from The Clothes Make the Girl

2 Week Clean Eating Challenge from Buzzfeed

2 Week Food Lovers Clean Eating Plan from Bon Appetit

7 Day Budget Meal Plan from EatingWell

14-Day Paleo Meal Plan from

Gut Health, Digestion, and Weight loss

All disease begins in the gut. -Hippocrates

PPIs Not Superior to Dietary Intervention, Data Suggests from Medscape

Blood Sugar: Stop Fatigue, Beat Insomnia, Lose the Weight  (Video 10 min) Marlene Merritt

Make Your Gut a Priority by Marlene Merritt

Beyond Paleo: How to Restore and Maintain a Healthy Gut by Chris Kresser

New Research Shows Poorly Understood “Leaky Gut Syndrome” Is Real, May Be the Cause of Several Diseases from The Daily Beast

A Guide to Probiotics by Dr Jillian Sarno Teta

Ancient Wisdom Meets the Science of Gluten by Dr. Doulliard

Hormones, Stress, and Weight loss

7 Ways to Rock Cortisol & Manage Your Stress (Video 1 hour) Dr. Sara Gottfried at Wanderlust’s Speakeasy

This May Be How Acupuncture Tamps Down Stress from

Injuries, Pain, and Arthritis

Acupuncture as effective as drugs in treating pain, trial shows from the Sydney Morning Herald

Studies Showing Ice Slows Down Healing of Injuries from H.E.M. Ankle Rehab

Pandiculation-The Safe Alternative to Stretching by essential somatics

Healing Piriformis Syndrome, Hip Pain, with Yoga from The Daily Bandha

Joint Pain, From the Gut from The Atlantic

Hip Pain: Top Ten Exercises for a Healthy Psoas from Align for Health

Your IT Band is Not the Enemy (But Maybe Your Foam Roller Is) from Breaking

6 Poses for Wrist Pain from Yoga International

Chronic Illness

Could Multiple Sclerosis Begin in the Gut?  From Scientic American

Randomized controlled trial: Moxibustion and acupuncture for the treatment of Crohn’s disease