Preparing for your visit

Acupuncture is a relaxing, healing experience.  The following tips can help make the most of your experience.

Before your visit

Be sure to eat regular meals the day of your treatment.  Do not come to acupuncture on an empty stomach.  This can cause dizziness or lightheadedness during the treatment.

Try to schedule your appointment on a day when you won’t be rushed.  People are often extremely relaxed after their session, and it’s best to give yourself time to let the treatment effects take hold.

Most points are on the arms from the elbows to hands and on the legs from the knees to feet.  It’s helpful to wear or bring loose clothing.

If possible, avoid taking NSAID painkillers before your visit.

It’s recommended to avoid caffeine before your treatment. If you have a daily cup in the morning, that is fine, but try to keep it to one cup.

After your visit

Don’t drink coffee or alcohol after your acupuncture treatment.  These powerful substances can effect your treatment results.

Try to stay relaxed.  You may want to go to bed early.  It’s normal to feel tired.  Often, people are running on over drive.  Acupuncture causes shifts in your body and basically turns on your self-healing systems.  This can often cause one to feel tired, as the body goes into a rest and repair mode.

Be mindful of how you feel in the days after your treatment.  You will probably start noticing habits, postures, foods, thoughts, situations, etc. that are negatively effecting you or exacerbating your health issues.  Journal and write these down if you can.  You are your own healer.

Take any recommended herbs or supplements as directed.

Do not stop taking any prescribed medication without talking to your doctor.

If you have any questions or concerns after your treatment, do not hesitate to contact me.

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